What's on at the Fo’c’sle Folk Club, Southampton

Fridays at 8pm at the Richmond Inn, 108 Portswood Road

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Song of the Week: The Lowlands Low
5 May 2017

Derek Gifford

Derek Gifford (aka Giff) is a fine singer with a repertoire including traditional songs and modern ones by such luminary writers as Pete Coe, Brian Hooper and Alan Bell.  He also wrote the tune for the wornderful "When All Men Sing"; expect choruses!

12 May 2017


We celebrate the club's 54th anniversary with our friends Innominata, currently on a two-year tour (ahem, ahem) with their latest album, the aptly-named "Forgotten But Not Gone".  Songs and tunes (and choruses) from all over the world!

19 May 2017

Monkey See Monkey Do

While the Fo'c'sle stares into the abyss of possible closure, traditional music carries on regardless with people like Monkey See Monkey Do.  Guitar, fiddle, clarinet, bodhran, voices and oomph!

Other things of interest

A word from Brian

I’ve been at the Fo’c’sle Folk Club most Fridays for the past 40 years and it will be a wrench to stop, but, as Pete Seeger and some old prophet said - to everything there is a time. I picked up the baton as “organiser” in 2012 and said at the time I aimed to run it for five years and then hand it over to someone noticeably younger. I haven’t found the young pretender yet, but my five years are up. Having been struck by a stroke during the first of those years, it hasn’t been easy and I am immensely grateful for the current Committee and numerous others who have kept the club in shape. Sadly, none of those are in a position to take on the main organiser role, so we will have a meeting on Friday 9 June to decide the way forward – probably closure, with the last night being 30 June.  Could you take it on?  Maybe monthly rather than weekly?  Then bring your plans to the meeting!
In the meantime, we will enjoy (almost) every last minute!


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Parking behind the nearby shops near "Iceland"  is now managed by cameras.  If you stay for the full evening you will be fined £60.



Sunjay Brayne is a young singer and guitarist with a blues edge, and gave us a great evening here a year or two ago.  We booked him again for this May, but he's been chosen to play the title part in "Buddy Holly and the Cricketers" all round the country, so he'll be with us on 30 June instead.  Oh boy!

Reg Meuross - 18 November 2016

"Thanks for a lovely night!" (Reg Meuross)

"We had a wonderful evening, and made very welcome by @FocsleFC" (Adrian Harris)

Jon Witcher

Good to see Jon Witcher drop in at the club (9 Dec '16).  A former stalwart of the club, and the lead singer with Hampshire Union, Jon moved to Wales in 1989.  Somewhere down the intervening 27 years he shaved off a magnificent beard!

Paul Clarke

7 October

Mesmerizing evening with Lee Collinson: my favourite of the year.  Since his last Focsle visit (when Debra Chesman was in charge!), he hasn't lost a drop, not in vigour, fluidity, wit or authority (he claimed afterwards to be less sharp, but you wouldn't have known). The (enviable*) banjo-playing could provide him with a living on its own, yet that's a sort of sideline for him.  Keep a lookout for his occasional (3 or 4 times yearly) intimate gigs like this. Top dollar.

* inevitable jokes notwithstanding

John Licqorish ("Meon Rose")

(25 November)

Had a great night at the Collaborations singaround on Friday - great club - great people - community singing - kazoos - what more could you ask for - look forward to goin again soon