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26 Sep 2018
Guest: STANLEY ACCRINGTON, at The Guide Dog

  Ex-railwayman ACCRINGTON, from Rochdale, makes a long overdue return to The Focsle.  Expect surreal humour, sung and spoken, including from a catalogue of some 450 songs written since he last visited us in 2003 (that number is in addition to his oeuvre existing by then).  His most widely-covered song, Last Train (to Bacup), is an elegy for the lost railways of his native North West, but rather gives the lie to most of his output.  A merry evening in store.

  This, from a recent e-mail where I asked for our entry in his gig-list to be edited, to reflect our new name, gives a flavour of the man’s patter;  I explained that we’d dropped all the apostrophes in the name Fo’c’s’le and hinted that I guessed he was the sort to be aghast at such dumbing down:
  “I am a cyber-dinosaur, and only have a website for contractual reasons and mis-placed street-cred.  I refuse to do internet banking, refuse to use supermarket self-checkouts, and keep pigeons for any urgent messages.  I prefer the term “neo-Luddite” but it's all the same.
  “Did you need a license to drop the apostrophes?  Where will it end?  No commas nocapitalletters colonsremoved and endless rhetoricalquestions?”

  The message had a new Subject Line:  “Accpostrophes”.

  People, you canNOT claim you weren’t warned!

12 Sep 2018
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