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26 Feb 2019

Members of Live Noise

  Still going strong after longer that any of them care to remember, this genre-busting a cappella harmony quintet paid a more-than-welcome return visit.  Rupert, Nick, Jon, Alex and Toby originally met as members of the Hampshire Youth Choir.  Remaining mostly locally-based since then, they’ve graced a varied list of venues, including a diving club, numerous weddings, charity events, funerals, music festivals, and the odd local pub (including ours:  none odder than that!)  They formed, and have kept going, due to their shared love of music, and it shows.

  LIVE NOISE create extraordinary sound-effects, vocally rendering both song-lyrics and instruments, in the mould of the Canadian folk-punk outfit Moxy Früvous (a major influence:  they’re named after a MV album and perform several of their songs) and the Cuban group Vocal Sampling (though, mercifully, without the “air” instruments of their stage act, to ram home the message for the slow of thought).  There’s a difference, though:  VS assign one member to one instrumental sound, e.g. “percussion”, “electric guitar”, throughout one song (or, in some repetitive cases, throughout the whole gig).  LIVE NOISE can twist this straightforward modus operandi into the more impressive technique of having each band member’s vocal part flip between the lyric and musical lines within one piece.  Alex’s arrangements are subtle enough that you’re hardly aware how the ‘song’-element flows between the five of them.  It’s a ‘high-wire’ act of musical bravado that wows audiences wherever they appear.

  Their material is a mind-bending mix:  unconventional covers of well-known – and not-so-well-known – songs ranging from pointedly serious ‘issues’ numbers via the frivolous [Früvolous???] to the plain daft, all delivered with characteristic high energy and infectious enthusiasm.  Their relaxed, great fun stage presence is just one reason why we love ’em.

13 Feb 2019
27 Feb 2019

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