FOCSLE Music Events

second & fourth Tuesdays of each month at The Guide Dog,  Bevois Valley,
third & fifth Wednesdays at The Wellington Arms,  Freemantle,
and some Fridays at “The First” Gallery,  Bitterne,  SOUTHAMPTON

8 Apr 2022
  Fri. LIVE at “The First”, Bitterne, 8pm:  CANCELLED Singaround

This event was scratched, due to elevated COVID case-estimates locally.
  Most Fridays, early in the month will be a BYOB music event at “The First” [1 Burnham Chase,  Bitterne,  Southampton  SO18 5DG], following a pattern to maintain a FOCSLE in-person event somewhere every week.

  The Fo’c’sle F C held a concert there in late 2017, after the old club had ceased, to honour an outstanding advance booking.  It worked well, and the performer raved about the acoustic hotspot created by the 6-bay window bouncing his sound back.

  Though with the minus-point of there being no bar, it IS available on many Fridays – pre-FOCSLE Music, The Fo’c’sle F C’s ‘traditional’ meet-night – and satisfies the requirement for a moderately large venue [25 fairly comfortably, 40 close-up].

30 Mar 2022
12 Apr 2022