FOCSLE Music Events

second & fourth Tuesdays of each month at The Guide Dog,  Bevois Valley,
third & fifth Wednesdays at The Wellington Arms,  Freemantle,
and some Fridays at “The First” Gallery,  Bitterne,  SOUTHAMPTON

24 May 2022
  Tues. LIVE at The Guide Dog, 8pm:  Singaround, with visit from Althea Willette (MN, U.S.A.)

Fourth Tues. = usually a Singaround-with-Guest at The Dog [38, Earls Rd, Bevois Valley  SO14 6SF], following the calendar pattern there of SECOND & FOURTH TUESDAYS of the month.  Going round the room one turn at a time, anyone who wishes can do a turn, with others harmonizing where appropriate.  Bring your favourite songs, tunes, poems, etc.


  Though not a formal Guest as such, Althea Willette was with us.  A Minnesotan periodically exploring England, she’s a regular at the Dubliner / Merlin's Rest Pub- / Shanty- Sings in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  She has a warm lower-register voice, with much chorus-singing;  also interested in the Shape-Note harmony tradition..

As well as this Events Diary, I’ll also keep updated the FOCSLE Music Facebook page header, visible with NO LOG-IN, OR FBk A/C.  Try it now:  Fuzzy “plan” is for Singarounds-with-Guests on fourth Tues. and Singarounds-only on second Tues. [because the fourth-Tues. calendar is more reliable].  So any mooted Singaround MAY morph into a Guest night, as we ink in guest schedules and as guests get more confident / cavalier about attending smaller spaces.

18 May 2022
25 May 2022