FOCSLE Music Events

second & fourth Tuesdays of each month at The Guide Dog,  Bevois Valley,
third & fifth Wednesdays at The Wellington Arms,  Freemantle,
and some Fridays at “The First” Gallery,  Bitterne,  SOUTHAMPTON

12 Jul 2022
  Tues. LIVE at The Guide Dog, 8pm:  Singaround

Updated late March:  this is booked in with the pub

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Second Tues. of the month = Singaround at The Dog [38, Earls Rd, Bevois Valley   SO14 6SF], following the calendar pattern of SECOND & FOURTH TUESDAYS.

Going round the room one turn at a time, with others joining in where appropriate.  Bring your favourite songs, tunes, poems, etc.  Looking forward to seeing you.

As well as this Events Diary, I’ll also keep updated the FOCSLE Music Facebook page header, visible with NO LOG-IN, OR FBk A/C.  Try it now:  Fuzzy “plan” is for singarounds on second Tues. and guests-cum-singarounds on fourth Tues. [because, VERY occasionally, we may have to cede a second Tues. meet to another venue user, and decamp elsewhere].  So these mooted Singarounds may morph into Guest nights, as we ink in guest schedules and as guests get more confident / cavalier about attending events in smaller spaces.

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The shadow of COVID.  Still very much with us, with cases high everywhere, it could cause short-notice cancellation at any time.  Case-rates of 75,000 per million cases in the Southampton region, OR 100,000 / mn in any of these nearby regions [which fall within 15 miles], if they have over 1,000 study-contributors:  New ForestWiltshireTest ValleyEastleighWinchesterEast Hants., Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth, would trigger automatic cancellation.  See this map [the Zoe Study] we derive that data from [zoom in, max. – = three times, top right, on a computer – to make each region large enough to click/tap].  By reading the same data at the same time we do, you can stay abreast of our decisions.

8 Jul 2022
13 Jul 2022