FOCSLE Music Events

second & fourth Tuesdays of each month at The Guide Dog,  Bevois Valley,
third & fifth Wednesdays at The Wellington Arms,  Freemantle,
and some Fridays at “The First” Gallery,  Bitterne,  SOUTHAMPTON

26 Jul 2022
  Tues. LIVE at The Guide Dog, 8pm:¬† Guest¬† PETE WATKINSON

Updated 19th April:  this is booked in with the pub

Our longest-outstanding guest cancellation – due to illness in 2016, then scratched again due to our COVID shutdown:  nothing personal, honest!!! – 

  Folk-scene and -Festival stalwart PETE WATKINSON has links to Portsmouth going back decades (incl. 20 years M.C.-ing The Railway F. C., now defunct), and he’s still a member of the PORTSMOUTH SHANTY MEN, performing at clubs and festivals all over the country.  He’s also occasionally in the line-up of SHEP WOOLLEY’s ’ANSOME CABIN BUOYS.  Both outfits have been invited to sing on board H.M.S. Victory and H.M.S. Warrior, in the Historic Dockyard.

  As an occasional at The Fo’c’sle F. C. for a ;-) good few years, too, we hardly need an excuse to book him.  Light, strong voice, unaccompanied or with guitar.  Lots of his material has a Hampshire and/or maritime connection, and there’s plenty to join in with, so bring your sea-legs, along with your voices, and do so!  PETE’s never yet visited FOCSLE Music, the current guise of The Fo’c’sle, so be there to ensure he gets a deserved warm, and way overdue, welcome.

  Singaround before the main act.  Raffle in the break, with alcohol (and, usually, confectionery) prize(s).  Donations go towards our guest’s fee [suggested £10 per person, but pay-as-you-feel].

  Text 073 8040 1951, or e-mail about tonight’s event.

The shadow of COVID.  Still very much with us, with cases high everywhere, it could cause short-notice cancellation at any time.  By July, we truly hope it will be at manageable levels.  Case-rates of 75,000 per million cases in the Southampton region, OR 100,000 / mn in any of the nearby regions, if they have over 1,000 study-contributors, would trigger automatic cancellation.  See this map [the Zoe Study] we derive that data from [zoom in, max. – = three times, top right, on a computer – to make each region large enough to click/tap].  By reading the same data at the same time we do, you can stay abreast of our decisions.

20 Jul 2022
27 Jul 2022