Automatic Gain Control in Windows 10 (and maybe Win 8 & 7)
AGC compresses extremes of your sound, not always an ideal effect when making music.  Zoom’s software has a tick-box option, but Windows 10 has its own.  If you use Windows, it would be worth disabling this facility.

To do this:
Open “Settings” (e.g. via ‘gear’ icon, from Windows Start button)
Open “Control Panel” (you may need to input the term into the “Settings” page box)
In the “Adjust your computer’s settings” pane, choose “Sound”.  In Win 8 / 7, it may be called “Hardware & Sound”
Select the “Recording” index-tab
Right-click on “Microphone” and select “Properties” (or 2×-click “Microphone”, which should open “Microphone Properties”)
In the “Microphone Properties” pop-up window, choose the “Advanced” tab [illus.]

and untick [uncheck] the “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” box, in the “Exclusive Mode” pane.  The tick-box below it will auto-untick
Click <OK> repeatedly to get back to the “Control Panel” page

AGC will now be set to ‘Off’ and the option will be fully disabled

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