Virtual FOCSLE Music
Every WEDNESDAY  8pm

Contact Paul about any Virtual events

8pm is UK time (GMT)  = 3pm EST (Eastern / New York Time), = 12noon PST (Pacific Time)
Use this link.  Meeting ID:  819 6369 5838   Passcode:  222824
Technical problems with the link?  See box below.
Note:  arriving at the Meeting but finding no-one there is not a “technical” problem:  IF it happens, that’s just me – or a proxy M.C. – running late, for the usual human reasons!
As I’m sole contact, and my tech. is primitive* [e.g. no smartphone, no inter-connection between devices], you can’t reach me by e-mailing* in the ¼-hr. before start-time.
Just pop off and e.g. put the kettle on, and somebody competent will turn up…  It’s cock-up, not conspiracy:  honest!     * if I can read e-mail, I’m at the computer!  If I’m at the computer and not at the Meeting, THAT’S a “technical” problem  :-)
Joining us from elsewhere?  Calculate the time in your area here.  Dial from other countries using these nos.
Other ways to access our Meetings?  Via browsers, see this page;  using a smartphone / tablet, here.
We respectfully ask that you keep all these details OFF social media (Facebook, Twitter, et al.)  To help spread the word, pls. send interested friends FOCSLE Music’s page-link from the address-bar above.  Thanks for obliging.
New to Zoom &/or need help optimizing your sound settings?  See two boxes down
Need more folk fix?  Virtual Valley Folk meets at the same time (8pm UK) every Monday.  And, if THAT’S not enough – really?? – see this International Calendar of virtual music events.
We think any technical problems have been ironed out, but try this, if not:

If WE’VE found there’s a problem, too, use this link until it’s fixed
    Meeting ID:  732 5091 4912   Passcode:  8W0s1M

If the problem is accessing Zoom at all, of course this option may not work.  Perhaps try again later?
I get that this precaution isn’t all-events-proof but, without local back-up, it’s all I can do


Automatic Gain Control in Windows 10 — never mind the fancy name:  it’s likely to affect your sound in this context.  Disable Windows 10 AGCI understand these AGC instructions have been superseded by recent Zoom features, covered below, which now automatically suppress this if you apply other music settings.  This ‘rumour’ still to be checked out!

You don’t HAVE to sign up for an account to use Zoom, or to enjoy our virtual events.  That’s the only quibble I have with these admirably clear directions.  Contact Paul to find out how to use Zoom with no account.
Mac or PCZoom Meeting basics & enabling Original Sound on desktops or laptops
Apple iPad / iPhone:  Zoom Meeting basics & enabling Original Sound on mobile devices
  Most Android equivalents are shown herein;  other controls should be similar, but may use different terms, and show icons in different places
Original Sound is esp. good for singers with instruments, but most music seems to benefit.
  Even with no audience present, tweak your settings by starting a Meeting from your own Zoom a/c.  If you don’t have one, enter this Meeting any time.   Meeting ID:  732 5091 4912   Passcode:  8W0s1M
  This Meeting is better than one on your own newly-set-up a/c, since the controls you may wish to toy with have been pre-activated
The Golden Link Folk Singing Society, of Rochester  NY, who provided these instructions, run their own really good virtual singarounds, weekly (and have mooted continuing them, prob. monthly, even after face-2-face gatherings are once again permitted).  Thanks to them and their webmaster [and no mean musician] Dan Kuchta, for OK-ing our replicating them.  Sign up to their mailing-list to join their sessions.  UK night-owls can find them every Weds. at midnight:15 for 00:30 GMT.  And, in the US, at a less-ungodly 7:15 / 7:30pm Eastern / 4:15 / 4:30pm Pacific Time on a Tues.
Back up pageā€¦
Virtual FOCSLE Music is set up so, if you arrive before Host [up to 15 mins. before Meet start], you’ll be able to chat with others who have, too;  or even to start the music sans M.C. [an ‘accidental’ format, and you’d have to take responsibility for Muting yourselves, but it CAN work, in extremis]

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